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Why was the Crushing Life Club developed? As adults, we've had many discussions, "what do we know now that we wish we knew as a young adult starting out"? We've also talked about what's not being taught at the High School level anymore. Topics or skills we were taught or our parents were given instruction on. We also discussed valuable life lessons that came from hard knocks or we stumbled and learned as our lives marched on. We came up with an exciting list of skills covering a variety of topics. We are thrilled to pass on these life lessons and skills to help teens transition into adulthood with ease, less stress and an awesome foundation to be a life crusher at a much younger age. Our goal is to give them knowledge and more space to learn, grow and crush life!

    If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.

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Each participant in the program will need to complete the 8 module meetings in order to be initiated as a member of the Crushing Life Club. Click here to learn about some of the topics being covered.

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Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.


Partial list of Presenters - More will be added as photos/bios come in.


Founding Life Crusher, Cheerleader, Journal Facilitator, Entrepreneur

My goal in developing this course is to help you or your teen go out into the world empowered, confident, more knowledgeable in life skills and have skills and resources for a smoother adult transition. I was also inspired to create a legacy by my current position as the Managing Director of The Best You Legacy Club-Calabasas/Westlake Chapter. A global club that helps connect, inspire, encourage, members to be the best version of themselves &  impact the world.
Considered a serial entrepreneur, the entrepreneur bug hit me in college and has been woven in throughout my life. • Created travel bus. to Hawaii for graduating teens •Developed/moderated the Journal Journey Workshop for 15 years • Wrote Children's communication keepsake book •Invented cold/allergy product  •Founded Blüm Beverages (favorite) • Had 19 years successful sales position in Legal Sales- learned a myriad of life skills    Always learning, especially in health & wellness.



Modern Ettiquette Crusher

Toni Caruso is a Certified Etiquette Trainer, Event Producer/Founder of Caruso Signature Events and #1 Amazon Best Selling Author & Speaker.

     She has worked in the corporate, entertainment and entrepreneurial world. Through her journey she has had one true belief; education and “who you know” can get you in the door, but if you don’t have the correct social skills you won’t close the deal. Today’s young people are in desperate need of those all-important skills.

     Through her etiquette training, she is connecting young and old by teaching introductions & conversation skills, table manners and social media dos and don’ts.  She works with entrepreneurs and business owners who want to connect and transact strategic business together.  Her goal is to get more people to talk and not text, turn those hashtags into conversations and to spend more time with real "friends" not the ones you share & post to.  As we become more globally connected, we are unfortunately becoming less personally and socially attached. It’s time to put respect, compassion, empathy and integrity back on top of our To-Do List.


President DaM Legacy- Casting Director (Closet Comedian)

Marie Malyszek is president, executive producer, supervising casting director, development executive of DaM Legacy Entertainment; a tv/film production company.  DaM Legacy has a worldwide reach and has headed national/international castings on major projects for Bravo, E!, CMT, MTV, Snapchat, Facebook Watch, Discovery,The History Channel, etc etc etc  Previously Marie was reared in the hard-hitting concert promotion world, the ever spinin' public relations biz, and deep in the ruthless goings on of a talent agency.

In Marie's day to day she meets, chats with, interviews, dissects, and JUDGES people from all walks of life, careers, personalities.  This has made her an expert at the art of the interview, at one-sided 'conversating', at knowing how to reach in and jiggle a person's inner guts to have those very guts spill out in animated honesty, excitement, wonder, bemusement.   

Marie has received industry-wide acclaim and accolades for her approach and stunning ability to spot, spur on, and unleash an actors inner talent, and in that invoke their daring to skip over any shyness to blast past insecurities. As a top Bravo executive said, "Marie you are the Gold standard!"

*In career Marie is the gold standard, but in her real life...she seriously needs adulting classes as her idea of 'Chef'ing up a feast' is '2 parts Cheerios to 1 part milk'


Personal Safety Crusher

Natalie Clayton- Keynote Speaker, Author, and Creator of TILT Synergy.

Natalie's background includes a 20-year span in law enforcement as a Police Officer, Juvenile Services Officer with San Diego Police Dept., Special Agent with California Dept. of Justice, and Trainer Agent with California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation.
     Natalie was also an award-winning trainer & facilitator of over fifty sexual assault sexual harassment prevention, personal safety, health & well-being for San Diego youth in 2004. Natalie has an extensive background in criminal investigations, working undercover, narcotics, crime prevention, and educational training.
     Natalie speaks at high schools, universities, and corporations about drug awareness, sexual assault, sexual harassment prevention, and personal safety. 
     Natalie is passionate about transforming and empowering lives and volunteers as a mentor with the Big Brother and Big Sister Organization of Orange County and Inland Empire.


Wielder of hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers and all things tools, Mark is a self-taught crusher. A lifelong car buff, he's done all things automotive from routine maintenance, to engine rebuilds, and ground up car restorations.  He's raced competively and even served as the crew chief on a land speed record setting Bonneville Salt Flats car.  But cars are not the only thing he can build and repair. Mark has restored, repaired and upgraded houses for 25 years. He has tackled virtually every home repair or restoration project possible - from simple plumbing or electrical repairs to full additions and whole-house restoration. In fact, there is almost nothing Mark won't restore - antique radios, telephones, furniture and appliances just to name a few. In 2016, Mark combined his hobbies of cars and construction by building a custom, vintage-style tear drop camping trailer....from scratch.  complete with electrical (lights, fan, USB chargers) and a mini kitchen. You don't need to rebuild a car or a house but with simple points from Mark, you have the confidence to maintain the things in your life.

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Financial Crusher

Crushing it in the financial services industry since 1992, Jennifer McGee is a Registered Investment Advisor with her firm Equity Management Group, LLC. EMG provides investment management and financial planning services for its clients, taking full fiduciary responsibility for actions taken on behalf of its clients. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? English please!! In other words, Jen knows how to help you with your money!
You work hard for your money and she’ll help you do your best to keep it, planning for life’s needs and retirement. EMG’s clients range from individuals (young and old) and families (big and small) to corporations, non-profit hospitals and schools.  Jen enjoys teaching teens about a variety of financial topics with the goal of giving them a good foundation.
In her spare time, Jen loves hanging out with her husband Mark (make sure you see his bio/classes because he definitely “Crushes It!”) and her kids Sarah (20) and Drew (17).  Jen’s other passions include volunteering and event planning, helping groups like St Paschal Baylon and La Reina High School.


Domestic Maven

Jolayne Clem, Athletic Director, Middle School Physical Education and Health Teacher. While educating the young on fitness benefits and health awareness, she also has a love for food. Cooking and Baking seem to be the back-up passion in her life. She has taught culinary arts in school and thoroughly enjoys time in the kitchen. Engaging and encouraging the youth to take part in the kitchen and teach them that it’s not that difficult. It gives them freedom and confidence to know you can be your own artist in the kitchen. Play by the rules for some recipes and make your own rules for others. Take charge and create your masterpiece, even if it’s cinnamon toast. I teach basic recipes that kids can make and impress their parents. Knowing just a few tips and tricks can make you the Chef you never knew.


Stress & Anxiety Crusher

As a Certified Hypnotherapist in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Life & Business
Coach since 1999, Rosanne MacDonald is highly respected and passionate
about guiding, encouraging, enlightening and inspiring her clients to live
healthier, happier, more successful lives. Rosanne’s time-honored skills in
clinical hypnotherapy are highlighted by using additional effective tools such as Therapeutic Guided Imagery, Mindfulness, Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping), and her additional certifications as a Pre-and Post-
Operative Specialist and Hypnosis & Weight Loss Specialist. Rosanne uses
her expertise in a professional, therapeutic manner along with her
compassionate nature. Using her unique combination of mind, body and
spirit fitness and wellness has helped over 2,000 clients control and
manage many physical and emotional disorders as well as overcome veiled
obstacles to a healthier, less stressed, happier life! Rosanne also conducts workshops to inspire, motivate and empower others throughout the year!
She is writing a self-help book to help those who are unsure of what
direction they want to go in their lives professionally.

“Discover the Vitality Within and Reach Your Highest Potential!”

Self-Defense Crusher

Joy Woelfel grew up in Simi Valley and currently resides in Thousand Oaks with her husband and three kids. She has been involved in athletics from an early age and has competed in swimming, cross country, basketball and track. She has coached track for Simi High School and the Simi Valley club track team, The Running Rebels.. Through the world of athletics Joy honed her skills in work ethic, communication, team building, and leadership.

 In 2005 she became a police officer for the Oxnard Police Department where she gained valuable tactical training in the protection of self and others. This is also where she gained extensive experience in the art of reading people, learning situational awareness, understanding the mind of those who take advantage of and victimize others, and what their patterns of behavior are. The police department is also where she began her training in the art of self-defense on the street among the criminal element. 

In 2015 Joy began to work with a local tactical training company and furthered her skills in self-defense and quickly began to help teach ADAPT classes for Chris Dunn, the owner of Covered 6. In 2017 Joy decided to strike out on her own and formed Never Alone Self Defense and Awareness. Joy teaches classes for universities, corporations and individuals. She will bring the class to you and makes learning this very important but intense life-saving skill fun and obtainable. 

Nutrition Crusher


Nutrition Crusher

Sherri Holzer is an IIN Certified Holistic and Integrative
Nutrition Coach, Chef, and Teacher.
Having grown up in a “crazy Greek” household, she’s
learned the secrets to a life well-lived. Through it all, she
has found that a balanced, plant-forward, Mediterranean
diet is key. With two kids fresh out of college, she
understands the struggle that today’s young people face.
With home-ec classes on the decline, basic life skills
such as cooking are falling to the wayside. Sherri’s two
kids made it painfully clear that they and their peers
needed help learning how to easily cook food that tastes
good, and won’t break the bank.
Her expertise can be heard on the podcast, Healthy
View Radio, where she was a featured guest, and she is
currently teaching a series of Mediterranean-focused
cooking classes out of her home in Los Angeles.