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We have partnered with McGregor's in Moorpark, CA  and may have your next meeting or event space available. 




Candace Coleman, the Founder of Crushing Life Productions offers meeting and event space through McGregor’s in Moorpark, CA.

Candace also combines her education, creativity, entrepreneurial, and event experiences to create inspiring, educational, and fascinating meetings and events.

If you have an idea for a meeting or a group run it by Candace. She also consults those who are interested in starting a group, meetup or plan an event of their own. She can have you up and running in no time.

Recent meetings and events Candace Coleman has created and successfully held.

• Founder of Crushing Life Club- Teen Life Preparedness Course

• Founding Director of The Best You Legacy Club- Calabasas Chapter

• 15+ years of Moderating Journal Workshops

• Multiple Events for Blüm Beverages

• Several Fundraising Events (Angel Brigade, Human Race Day)

If you would like to discuss your meeting or event with Candace she can be reached at:


Have an idea for starting a group? We can provide ideas to get you up and running. 

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Meeting Space at McGregor's

Previous Crushing Life Events or Programs 

Crushing Life Club- Teen Life Skills Preparedness Program


More being added shortly.

Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.



Founder • Creative Director of Events • Coordination & Design

Candace's goal is to inspire people to connect, learn, grow, and make the most of their lives. 

By helping to facilitate other professionals, networking groups, social groups and creatives to host their own meetings or events.

Currently, Candace has partnered with McGregor's in Moorpark, Ca to use their space during the day when they are not open to the public. 


She can also consult with anyone who has an idea for starting a group or meeting.


Most recent events or meetings she has created or lead:

• Director of The Best You Legacy Club-Calabasas/Westlake Chapter. A global networking club that helps connect, inspire, encourage, members to be the best version of themselves &  impact the world.

• Developed a 10-week program for Teens to learn life preparedness skills. She lead and curated an incredible team to facilitate a successful program. 

• Developed & facilitated a Journal Journey Workshop for over 15 years.

Candace Coleman considers herself a serial entrepreneur, the entrepreneur bug hit her in college and has been woven throughout her life.

• Created travel bus. to Hawaii for graduating teens

• Wrote a Children's communication keepsake book

• Invented cold/allergy product 

•Founded Blüm Beverages- alcohol-free, healthy elixirs

• Has 19 years of experience in a successful sales position in Legal Sales   

She has a voracious curiosity and always enthusiastically learning, especially in health & wellness and entrepreneurial skills. Loves to entertain and put on small events. 


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